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Welcome to My Tech Journey: From Systems to Blockchain and Beyond

Hello and welcome to the first post of my blog! I’m excited (and somewhat nervous) to share with you some of my work.

In my current role as a system and Web3 engineer, my professional path has woven through various domains from cybersecurity to blockchain to infrastructure. This blog aims to be a record of the adventures as I dabble into various, mostly open-source, technologies. With it, I hope to create a resource for fellow tech enthusiasts, and a platform for discussing the future of technology.

In the posts that follow, you can expect a deep dive into technical tutorials, project case studies, industry insights, and personal reflections. My goal is to share knowledge, spark discussions, and explore the vast possibilities that technology offers for solving complex problems and innovating for the future.

Whether you’re here to gain a deeper understanding of blockchain, looking for tips on navigating the world of system engineering, or you’re interested in the cross-section of technology and social impact, there’s something here for you. I’m happy to embark on this journey as a new adventure and contribute some of my mistakes and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

So, sit back and buckle up, we’re going on a little road trip through tech.

My Professional Journey

Beginning in Cybersecurity

My stroll into the tech world began at Howest University College of Applied Sciences, where I pursued a degree in computer science with a focus on cybersecurity. I’ve always been passionate about technology one way or another and privacy and security were big interests of mine at the time (they still are). Learning about the challenges and complexities of protecting digital information has been quite a thrill to me. This layed a solid foundation for my career as well as my personal interests.

An International Experience

Before graduation, I did my internship at The Swallow in The Gambia, West Africa. There, we built IT classrooms equipped with Raspberry Pi’s to bring digital education to underprivileged communities.

This initiative was more than just a project; it became a passion. To this day, I volunteer to build server images for the Pi’s that host educational materials and I try to visit the schools twice a year. This work has shown me the power of technology to make a real difference in people’s lives and has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Transition to System Engineering

Shortly after graduation in 2018, I embarked on my professional journey as a support engineer at a Managed Service Provider (MSP). This role was my first real test in the field, answering technical questions and supporting customers’ Windows and Linux environments. The challenges were diverse, from troubleshooting software issues to ensuring system security, each problem serving as a stepping stone in my learning.

Within a year, my dedication and curiosity led to a promotion to system engineer. This new role allowed me to dive deeper into deployments, working with VMWare, Windows AD, Linux server systems, and Ansible/AWX. It was under the mentorship of my team lead that I truly began to appreciate the art of system engineering. Their guidance was not just about technical skills; it was about thinking critically, solving problems efficiently, and always looking for ways to improve.

Diving into Blockchain and Web3

As the tech landscape evolved, so did my interests. About two years into my system engineering role, I made a leap into the blockchain space, joining a research department at my college as a blockchain researcher. This transition was driven by a curiosity about the field of crypto and a personal need to work closer to home. So when a friend who worked there knew of my background and suggested me to join the team, I accepted.

This period marked a shift in my career towards Hyperledger Fabric and Besu networks, as well as smart contract development. My role gradually expanded to encompass DevOps responsibilities, managing deployments with Kubernetes and Gitlab Pipelines. This experience not only broadened my technical expertise but also solidified my position as “the DevOps guy” within the team.

Adopting a Supportive Role in Innovation

Today, my journey continues as we deploy a new on-premise datacenter at the college. This project is focused on creating a Security Operations Center (SOC) entirely with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), something I am very excited about. My role is both technical and advisory, providing support and guidance while also having the freedom to experiment and learn. It’s really telling of the dynamic, ever-changing nature of tech and the endless possibilities that come with open-source technology.

What to Expect from This Blog

Moving forward, this blog will serve as a platform to share the knowledge, experiences, and insights I’ve gained so far and moreover, what I’m still learning. From in-depth technical tutorials and project case studies to reflections on the broader implications of technology in society, my aim is to provide valuable content for anyone interested in system engineering, blockchain, and the power of tech for good.

I hope to create a resource that will help curious minds, eager to explore the potential of technology. So, whether you’ire here to deepen your technical knowledge, gain insights into the blockchain space, or explore the intersection of technology and social impact, I’m thrilled to have you on this journey.

Now let’s get configuring.